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        • Coated Common Problems and solutions

          Coated Common Problems and solutions

          1. Products in a wrinkle   
          (1) rubber roller pressure too much, resulting film deformation, should be appropriately reduced pressure.  
          (2) rubber roller surface damage, formation, should replace the rubber roller.  
          (3) rubber roller and the heating cylinder pressure imbalance and should be suitably adjusted.  
          (4) Films tension on both sides of the inconsistencies, or edge waves, replacing thin film materials.

          2. Products in a snowflake point
            (1) Rubber Roller enough pressure, the pressure should be appropriately increased.  
              (2)not completely melted plastic can be solved through the following means.    
                 ① covered appropriately raise the temperature.    
                 ② film and heating increases the contact area drum, the same speed so that the heat melted adhesive membrane degree increase.    
                 ③ covered reduce speed.   
             (3)the adhesive surface is dust, impurities, should be promptly removed.

          3. Bonding is not solid,SheddingMembrane  
              (1)over durability, replacement of the.  
              (2) printed had dried, should extend the drying time printed matter, especially in the special printed materials should be covered when the attention.  
              (3) Coated pressure on small, fast, low temperature, can be properly covered increasing pressure to reduce covered speed, temperature increase Coated

          4. After products curly-cutting  
              (1) Films tension too large to have a membrane stretching deformation, should adjust to the film tensioning screw.
            (2) rolling-up tension, causing deformation film and paper at the same time, the rolling-up of tension should be regulated institutions.
            (3) Environmental humidity, the humidity should be production workshop control around 60%.
            (4) short drying time should be appropriately extended drying time, to be covered roller products in the rolling-up completely dry cooling, the film points to cut the CD.